The Golden Knight Ch 4

Fighting with bloody knuckles turned out to be less fun than Miriam remembered. It’s been two weeks since she started training and with every passing session she cursed herself for being overeager that first day. Her knuckles were swollen and cracked and even using her palms irritated the scabs.

She watched as her opponent circled the muddy field in tandem with her. After the first few days training with fresh recruits she realized that she needed someone who knew what they were doing. The knight she hired was only a year or two older than her brother, but she knew that he had seen battle. It was the first seasoned soldier she had fought so far and it was showing. Her breathing was labored, sweat poured down her temples and back, and her lip split open again. She could almost hear Golda chastising her for not letting her cuts heal.

The knight’s boots squelched in the mud of their small field, closed off from the general training area to keep unwanted eyes away, his practice sword waited at the ready, its dull metal glinting in the morning light, and his eyes stalked her like prey. She chanced a glance at her fallen sword, resting tauntingly in between her and the man. It was a mistake. Continue reading


The Golden Knight Ch 3

Extricating herself from Miriam was difficult. She was warm and the bed was soft and it was way too early to be up. The sun wouldn’t rise for a couple of hours still and while Golda hated leaving Miriam alone in bed, she also did not want to find out what the King would do if he found her here ‘soiling’ his daughter’s innocence. Her feet touched the icy floors and she gasped quietly as she padded over to her dress. The air was still chilly but that was to be expected for early spring. She quickly dressed and after leaving a kiss on Miriam’s bare shoulder she snuck out of the room.

The hallways were deserted for the most part and she only came across three guards talking in a huddle by one of the doorways leading to the King’s castle wing. She greeted them silently as she passed and they nodded back, never straying from their conversation. She reached the kitchens quickly and walked over to the pantry reserved for the servants. She was about to grab her morning rations when someone cried out. Continue reading

The Golden Knight Ch 2

Disclaimer: this story is not an accurate representation of the medieval ages. I tried to use language from that time period but then you guys would probably have had to google them to know what the heck I was talking about, so let’s just say that everyone during those days spoke like we do. This story is completely unplanned, I have no idea what happens next, so chances are there might be fantastical creatures in it later on, so for the sake of simplicity let’s just say that this story doesn’t take place in our world.

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The Golden Knight Ch 1

Hello everyone, I bring you the first chapter of this gay little tale. Follow the journey of a nontraditional princess and her handmaiden as they navigate through life in blasphemous union, and survive the trials they are faced with, side by side. A little heads up, this will not be a nsfw story, but it will contain violence and strong language at some point.

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